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Real Estate Market Boom

Nic Nicaud

Nic Nicaud (Knee-Ko) is a New Orleans native who moved to Knoxville over 20 years ago...

Nic Nicaud (Knee-Ko) is a New Orleans native who moved to Knoxville over 20 years ago...

Apr 8 2 minutes read

Adaptive Agents build Momentum for a Real Estate Boom

The real estate market along with most others is certainly running a little different these days. Open houses, showings, and that all-important handshake can’t happen right now, and I 100% agree with this concept. Our team is committed to doing their part in containing and working hard through all the madness that has come from this pandemic. There are still so many things that no one knows right now and there are some things that we do.

  • We do know that the real estate industry including its agents and leaders are adaptive. 
  • We do know that more people are at home than ever before. 
  • We do know that people are looking for things to do to occupy their time. 
  • We do know that people migrate towards their phones and apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter when they get a little bored. 
  • We do know that all these make for an excellent way for sellers to connect with buyers and buyers to connect with sellers.

When this madness hit, we began communicating with agents all over the country via Zoom calls and found a lot of similarities. The same platforms people are using to kill time on are the same one’s agents are digging deeper into to market to their respective audiences.  Agents are doing more virtual showings, more Facebook Live, more Instagram. Agents are building momentum.

People are looking. If you’ve been thinking of selling, but recent events have scared you off a little, let me give you some solid advice, go for it! The market is going to explode when people can get out of their current houses start looking again! The sooner you can get a property in front of an interested party the better.

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